Purple vinyl record on a table.
Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Faust are a German rock band that have been playing for over 50 years, starting from 1971. They were relatively unknown in the UK when the British record label, Virgin Records, of Richard Branson had acquired the band.

But time would later prove that it was nothing but the calm…

The Newby-McMahon building (world's littlest skyscraper).
Photo by Travis K. Witt licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

SSkyscrapers are long buildings that touch the skies. These monstrous products of beautiful engineering touch the clouds and shine with the rising sun. When you think about these buildings, they are very comparable to mountains.

However, there is one skyscraper in Wichita, Texas, that stands 40 feet (12 meters) tall…

Sal Khan giving a Ted talk.
Photo by Steve Jurvetson licensed under CC BY 2.0 (Cropped from original)

The timeline of the Internet is astonishing. The way things have progressed in the past two decades has brought humanity to a new and exciting place. This is the age of the Internet, and it all starts in 1999.

In 1999, the dot com bubble was reaching its peak. Everyone…

Working on the table.
Photo by Cathryn Lavery On Unsplash

I often find myself wishing to learn something great. I fantasize about it and how my life would change for good. But then, I forget about it, and that thought occasionally crosses my mind just to make me suffer in my fantasies. It is a vicious cycle that repeats itself…

Thom Yorke singing in a Radiohead concert in Amsterdam.
Photo by Alterna2 licensed under CC BY 2.0

In 2007, Radiohead’s contract with their record label, Capitol EMI, had expired. They were releasing an album, In Rainbows, independently, without a record label. But that was not the unique part about that album.

They put their entire album on their website and gave people the option to pay whatever…

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