I have read your “Jefferson” story. I couldn’t really read that one where you’re the president and you have some interview. That’s just way too long. But I have viewed it. But that was after you had attached a private note in a previous story saying the same thing.

Why would you go around saying the same thing in a private note before, and now in response to a story? How is it relevant to a response to THIS story ? And why am I obligated to view all of your stories straight-away just because I follow you?

Also, I am fed up of all the “self-help” stories and that’s why I wanted more content from more people on the topics that I am interested in. But that doesn’t mean that I view your content straight-away. I follow the people, I see it on my feed, and then I view them, read them and clap if I like them.

On top of that, if they follow me back (which happens about 9% of the time), it’s a win-win. If people are not seeing my stories, I should do something about that, shouldn’t I? I can’t get curated because I’m not in the partner program too. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to write a story giving all your thought to it just to be viewed by 3 people. That beats the purpose.

I think you should give a read to this article. Thanks.

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